Terms & Conditions

In order for us to offer your child a place at Little Bicks Nursery, we require you to read and accept our terms and conditions listed below:

  • Little Bicks Gan Shani nursery is open every Monday – Wednesday 8.00am – 4.00pm, Thursday 8.00am - 1.00pm and Friday 8.00am -12.00 pm term time only and not including Bank Holidays (wherever possible the terms will be in accordance Jewish school’s term dates)
  • Holiday times and Bank Holidays are not charged for.
  • Fees are payable at all times throughout the year. This includes periods where the nursery is closed unexpectedly or if you choose not to send your child in, you will still be charged. For more specific situations, please refer to our policies.
  • Regarding late payments the following applies:
  • 1. A £10 administration charge will be applied to the account for every three phone calls/emails/in person (all count) that have to be made before payment is received.
    2. We will only make contact by either phone, email or in person once a week.
    3. If in the last two weeks of term, we are still waiting for payment on an invoice that does not have a payment plan or more than a third of the invoice has not been paid, we reserve the right to make contact more than once a week.
  • Fees are annually reviewed. Any increase in fees may necessitate less than one term’s notice but in most cases will not be less than 6 weeks.
  • A term's written notice must be given if your child intends to leave our nursery or is reducing his/her sessions. This applies in all cases without exception. This includes if you have paid a deposit and choose not to send your child to us.
  • A £100 deposit is payable in advance on accepting a nursery place. This will be deducted from your last payment, where appropriate, subject to the correct notice in writing having been according to our terms and conditions. When no final payment is due, or the final payment is less than the deposit, the difference will be paid by bank transfer.
  • Children over 2 years old are required to attend a minimum of 3 sessions (a session is 3 hours). Exceptions can be made for children under 2 years old.
  • Included in your invoice there is a £10 amenity fee which covers all trips and visitors to the nursery.
  • Little Bicks Gan Shani provides 4 fully funded places for 3 and 4 year olds. There is a monthly extra curricular charge of £100 for all other funded 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Please allow enough time for the collection of your child. In the case of late pick up when the nursery has closed you will be charged £20 per 20 minutes or part thereof.
  • We are an Orthodox, Jewish Nursery and this is to be respected at all times. Please do not send children with any food other than their fresh fruit/veg snack as this will have to be discarded.
  • The nursery is a No Nuts Zone. Please do not send in any food containing nuts.
  • Nursery Policies are held in a file in the nursery and available online. Parents are encouraged to read these and familiarise themselves with them.
  • All staff have a commitment to equality of opportunity and are able to recognise and respect differences in Race, Culture and Religion.
  • A qualified first aid trained staff member will be on site at all times.
  • Little Bicks Ltd has set limits for children. Use of physical punishment (smacking, slapping or deprivation of food and drink) is not allowed.



  • Prior to starting at Little Bicks, we advise all parents to have a 2 pre start visits with the child lasting approximately 1 hour, during this visit we advise the parent to remain in the room and allow the child to explore the activities with the help of a member of staff. We can then assess the child’s need with regard to being left by the parent on the follow up visit.
  • Parents are responsible for notifying the nursery of any changes of address, home or mobile numbers. It is vital that nursery staff can contact parents in the case of an emergency.
  • There is a strict no smoking policy in the nursery and garden.
  • We operate a waiting list and anyone is welcome to join it. See admissions policy for more details.
  • The nursery must be notified in advance if someone other than yourself will be collecting your child from nursery. Identification and the child’s password will be required.
  • Uniform polo shirts and jumpers are available from the nursery and should be worn whilst attending nursery. Please ensure your child always has a spare set of clothes. All clothes must be clearly labelled with your child’s name. Sun hats and high protection sun cream should be provided in summer and Wellington boots in winter. All items must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Children that are not fully toilet trained must attend nursery with at least 4 nappies, wipes and a full change of clothes. Should we have to supply then we charge 50p per nappy.
  • If children are ill, parents are expected to keep them at home. If a child doesn’t attend nursery due to illness, parents should inform the nursery and give details of the illness in case we need to alert other parents.
  • Any child with infectious or contagious disease will be excluded from the nursery for a period of time depending on the severity of the disease and in accordance with medical advice. Forty eight hour clearance is required for any diarrhoea or vomiting. If your child becomes unwell during the day you will be contacted and asked to collect them.
  • If a child needs to take medicine during the course of the day it must clearly marked in the original packaging with the child’s name, date and dosage instructions. It must be given to the designated person in charge and together you will fill in a medication consent form. Only prescribed medicine can be administered.
  • Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time. These will be communicated to you and must be accepted by you as a part of your nursery contract. If you have any concerns regarding the updates you should contact a member of the management team immediately.