Food and Nutrition

At Little Bicks, we recognise the importance of a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet, especially for our developing, active children. This is reflected in our wholesome meals which are freshly prepared every day.

Exciting News

New hot meaty lunches are being served which are especially catered for our nursery by The Baby Nurse who works with a leading paediatric dietitian to create a full line of wholesome, natural children's food. The meals are perfectly balanced & portioned and made of fruit, grains, vegetables and fresh meat for early years children. The healthy grains include buckwheat, millet, oats & brown rice and everything is FREE FROM: gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy, egg and genetic modification. There is also No Added Sugar or preservatives and are suitable for coeliac and reflux infants. All fruits and vegetables are certified organic helping to make that great taste for children to learn to love their food.

Our lunchtime menus are developed to offer aesthetically-pleasing and tasty meals, consisting of the four major food groups: starchy food, fruit and vegetables, protein and dairy.

We plan a rolling two week menu to ensure that we offer an array of foods, adapting it to throughout the year to incorporate seasonality. This helps to introduce children to a variety of different food tastes and textures. Our practitioners sit and eat with the children to create a positive eating environment. Meal times are social occasions and are a valuable time for practitioners to talk to children about food. We believe that this will develop social skills and good eating habits. This also allows practitioners to praise children for trying new foods and also to give parents and carers feedback on how their child is eating. Children are involved in clearing away the table to encourage independence.

We promote healthy eating whether it is during our breakfast club, lunch or simply our morning and afternoon snack. Breakfast is comprised of low sugar content cereals, wholemeal toast and fresh fruit. Morning snack is fresh fruit and vegetables provided for by the parent/carer and milk. Afternoon snack is comprised of corn thins, rice cakes, breadsticks and other crackers, houmous and vegetables.

We are part of a government Nursery Milk Scheme which provides milk daily, and the children have access to water throughout the day and are encouraged to help themselves. In accordance with national recommendations, we provide semi-skimmed milk for all children aged over two. For our under-twos we supply whole milk. All the food we serve meets the guidelines set out by the Children’s Food Trust.

Additionally, we value the knowledge and experience of food preparation can provide to our children. Each week, our cook spends time within our setting, talking about the virtues of healthy eating and giving the children the opportunity to prepare something themselves. These cooking activities offer invaluable learning opportunities through working with other children and adults, and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our kitchen staff are fully trained in Food Hygiene & Safety. Our settings possess a high level of food hygiene and are committed to Food Standards Agency’s guidelines and regulations. Although nursery settings in Hertsmere do not receive ratings, we consistently receive positive feedback from our Environmental Health Officer, and immediately implement any suggestions from their feedback. Additional information can be found at

All our practitioners are aware of any special dietary requirements, and they are provided for in a sensitive manner. Any meals on our menu can be adapted and alternative appropriate food can be offered.

Our latest Envrionmental Health Inspections stated very good levels of hygiene and awarded us excellent food hygiene ratings.

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